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Revolutionizing IoT with whole house Bluetooth Smart

SmarterThings: A Health and Wellness monitoring, Green, Secured Smarterhome.

Green SmartHome

with BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) covering whole house range

For the first time, BTLE range can be extended to cover the Whole House, allowing BTLE wearables and home automation to become more popular in the SmartHome. For example, you can now control many home appliances (lights, fan, Nest thermostat. . .), or find your lost BTLE-based devices (e.g. Tile, Chipolo...) from anywhere in the house.

Health and wellness Monitoring

with data analytics

Our "Open Me" Smart Bottle Cap can detect whether you have taken your medication in order to remind you via SmartPhone notification. Our sensor on the Smart Light Switch can then measure your heart rate and oxygen level to establish possible cause and effect of medication adherence. This data analytics can be streamed live to your doctor to help improve your care. On a larger scale, it can be applied to research, pharmaceutical industries as well as insurance industries.


with secure iOS 8 HomeKit/Siri

With Apple iOS 8 HomeKit support, SmarterThings enjoys essential features of a home automation platform such as: robust security, standard UI, and even the use of Siri to control home appliances.  In addition to Siri, Google Voice is also supported.

And it all started with ...

iWanditAll KoolThings

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LED sync

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Voice command

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